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As soon as the crop feels the load of its first fruit, the quantity of assimilates available for the development of shoots and roots will decrease. It is important that the available assimilates are distributed well between fruit, shoot and roots. Good crop registration supplies the required insight. By correctly matching the greenhouse climate (temperature, air humidity and CO2) and water supply to growth conditions a loaded crop can be managed in balance to its first production. Just before the first harvest, the fruit load is very high and the fruit require a large share of the available assimilates. When the first production is imminent assimilates are available again for the crop and roots to recover. Growth explosions with quality problems can be prevented by gradually harvesting this first production.

Root-hairs taking up water and nutrition have a limited life span. First of all, their life span is determined by the availability of assimilates. Secondly, the activity of these roots also plays a role. The more water and nutrition the crop takes up, the more active roots will be present or made. During the start of the first harvest the root system may get a serious setback which should be kept as small as possible by adjusting the supply of water and nutrition. Then the crop can quickly recover again.


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