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As soon as the young crop is accustomed to the climate, the most important target is to let the leaf area increase so that the maximum amount of radiation can be absorbed. The 24-hour temperature and air humidity are very influential in this respect. A balance has to be found between strength and plant volume, which suits the grower's cropping conditions and wishes. As soon as the crop has the required size in proportion to the available radiation, the plants can be loaded for the first time. Depending on the conditions, this can be achieved by generative steering. This phase continues until the fruit load on the plant quickly increases.

A large volume of roots is essential as this is the basis for the growth of the crop. Adjusted irrigation in relation to crop activity will encourage the roots to "seek" for water and nutrition in the substrate and penetrate into all of the substrate. The greenhouse climate should support the crop to take up enough water and nutrition. Steering at root level should also be adjusted to the required crop development (vegetative or generative), because it is influenced by available water and nutrition.


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