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This is the phase when the plants are placed on the substrate. To prevent any interference in the development of the plants the transfer from propagation location to production location should be as smooth as possible: changes in temperature and water supply should be minimal. It is necessary to take measures for limiting the negative effects of leaf damage caused by transportation and handling.

The part of the plant above the block but also the roots leaving the bottom of the block are important factors to consider when you decide to plant. As soon as the plants have been placed on the substrate the young roots leaving the block should be able to establish themselves steadily and without any interference into the substrate. To encourage this you should see to it that the there is a good contact between block and substrate. The temperature of the substrate should neither be too high nor too low and it is preferable that the substrate-EC is lower than in the block. This phase lasts until the roots have penetrated into the substrate by several centimetres and water absorption no longer depends on the moisture content in the block.


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