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After the initial harvest, the flower development will need to be brought into balance with the crop’s growth. The crop will use the increasing light for re-growth and production leading up to the next cultivation phase. This re-growth must not be excessively rapid or intermittent, and an appropriate balance needs to be attained between the vegetative and generative growth of the crop.

The increased activity of the crop also results in a larger volume of roots, which improves the ability of the plants to take up water and nutrients. In addition, the crop can be confronted with longer darker periods or weather that does not promote crop transpiration. The activity of the roots will then need to be maintained by adjusting the greenhouse climate to promote transpiration and water uptake. The watering and nutrient regimes will also need to be compatible with the current demand. Sufficient active roots result in a sturdy crop that is able to withstand extreme changes in the weather.


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