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Once the crop feels the burden of the first flowers, the amount of assimilates available for the development of shoots and roots will decrease. The limited light available to the crop must be distributed evenly between the flowers, shoots and roots. Good crop registration makes a major contribution in this regard. Tailoring the greenhouse climate and the watering regime to the growth conditions will achieve balanced control of the burdened crop in the period leading up to the initial harvest. In the cultivation phase just before the first harvest, the flowers demand a large proportion of the available assimilates. Once production is in full flow, the crop will have an opportunity to recover. Growth explosions and the associated problems with quality can be avoided through the gradual harvesting of this first production.

The root hairs that take up water and nutrients have a limited life which is primarily determined by the availability of assimilates. The activity of these roots is also of importance: the number and development of active roots increases with the amount of water and nutrients taken up by the crop. The root system can suffer a serious reverse on initial harvesting: the skill lies in minimizing the severity and duration of this reverse to enable the plant to recover quickly.


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