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The plants are planted out in the substrate in this phase. The transition from the propagation bed to the cultivation bed needs to be as gradual as possible to prevent retardation of growth and, consequently, temperature and moisture shocks need to be minimized. The time of planting can determine the plant form at a later stage of cultivation and for this reason appropriate preparations and tuning are required. A screen/energy screen and/or air humidification can promote vegetative growth. A high tube temperature in particular can result in a dry climate in which any damaged areas of the leaves dry out too quickly and result in necrotic blotches.

The volume of the visible plant and the root development under the block are both of importance to the planting time. Once the plant has been planted out in the substrate, the young roots must be able to penetrate the substrate evenly and without obstruction. This can be encouraged by ensuring good contact with the substrate. In addition, the substrate must be brought to a suitable temperature and the EC in the substrate should preferably be at a lower level than in the block. This phase continues until the roots have penetrated more than five centimetres into the substrate and the water uptake is no longer dependent on the water content of the block.


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