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6-phase model floriculture

Cultivation phaseObjective cropObjective root environment

Unhindered growth through accommodation of change in climate

Fast, unhindered rooting

Development of foliage area and sufficient shoot development

Root penetration throughout the substrate volume

Retention of growth around the first harvest. Good flower quality of the first harvest. Building up to regular production

Safeguarding the quality of the roots and further development

Even increase in number of production points while retaining flower quality. Retention of sufficient well-functioning foliage surface area

Stabilization of the root system (homogeneity)

Sufficient healthy and well-functioning foliage to make optimum use of the light. Maximum number of production points matching with the desired flower quality

Retention of root volume and optimum water and nutrient uptake

Phase of fully productive crop runs until the last day. Non-standard measures have a negative influence on the flower quality 

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