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Grodan working actively towards a more sustainable future

At Grodan, socially responsible business practices have high priority. Concern for human beings and the environment can be seen in every stage of the life cycle of Grodan substrate solutions, from production through to the recycling of our stone wool. In this way, Grodan contributes to the goal of creating a more sustainable environment, now and in the future.


Sustainable production
Basalt, the raw material for stone wool, is extracted according to strict environmental regulations and in non-protected areas. In the Grodan factory, the volcanic rock is turned into stone wool substrate by means of a certified process. One cubic metre of basalt produces approximately fifty cubic metres of Grodan stone wool. That is sufficient for the cultivation of 350,000 kg of tomatoes or a million cucumbers. Recycling stone wool after use means that less new basalt is required.

Sustainable cultivation through Precision Growing
The consumers of today and tomorrow are increasingly opting for quality produce that is healthy and safe, but also cultivated sustainably. For growers and propagators wanting to respond to this development and reduce their own costs at the same time, Precision Growing offers the solution. Grodan stone wool substrates are ideal for Precision Growing, which is the most efficient and effective form of growing and is focussed on the use of minimum input materials to generate maximum output. This leads to a decrease in growing costs and an increase in crop yield and quality. In addition, it actively contributes to sustainable horticulture.

Sustainable recycling
Grodan offers sustainable end of life solutions. Used substrate slabs, blocks and plugs are recycled by Grodan into new stone wool products or used in the production of bricks, cement, potting compost, or soil improvers. The plastic covering on Grodan products is separated from the stone wool and used in the plastics industry to manufacture plastic cups and plastic bags. Click here for more information on the Grodan recycling service.

This commitment to sustainability has resulted in Grodan being awarded a number of environmental certificates and awards, including the European Ecolabel and the Lean and Green Award. Our membership in GLOBALG.A.P., an international organisation which sets certification standards in order to promote the sustainability of agricultural products, shows how actively Grodan is involved in increasing the sustainability of the horticultural sector. Read more

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