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Grodan has for many years endeavoured to achieve a form of sustainable entrepreneurship in which economic, social and environmental interests are in an appropriate balance with each other. Over the course of the years, these endeavours have resulted in the company receiving a wide range of system, quality and environmental certifications, ranging from ISO 9001 and 14001 to Kiwa Keur and the European Ecolabel.

European Ecolabel: the guarantee of sustainability 
In 2008, Grodan was the first substrate manufacturer to be awarded the European Ecolabel, the EU’s seal of approval for non-food products. This demonstrates that Grodan products comply with the European environmental criteria for growth media of inorganic origin, such as mineral wool. In complying with these criteria, the raw materials may not be sourced from vulnerable nature areas. In addition, the energy consumption, soil, atmospheric and water pollution during the production and recycling of the materials must comply with the relevant regulations. Since the European Ecolabel imposes environmental and quality requirements, it offers customers both guaranteed sustainability and guaranteed quality: the seal of approval demonstrates that supplying quality and sustainable entrepreneurship are compatible with each other.

Kiwa Keurmerk: the guarantee of quality
The Kiwa Keurmerk seal of approval demonstrates that the manufacturer complies with the requirements imposed by the Kiwa certification agency in consultation with the horticultural sector. Kiwa imposes both general requirements and requirements for specific products on substrate manufacturers wishing to use the seal of approval. The general requirements extend to safety requirements focused on the safety of the product for humans, animals and the environment, transport and labelling requirements, and requirements on the instructions for optimum use. The requirements for specific products extend to physical, chemical and biological requirements. In addition, the manufacturer needs to have implemented an appropriate internal quality-control system. Consequently, customers of Grodan can rest assured of receiving products of a consistent and high quality. More information about stone wool products.

ISO 9001: the standard for quality assurance

The company’s ISO 9001 certification demonstrates that Grodan complies with both international quality control, management and assurance standards and the relevant legislation and regulations, whereby the focus is placed on the provision of quality to the company’s customers. In pursuing this, Grodan adopts a proactive approach to increasing customer satisfaction (by being aware of the customers’ needs and supplying products and services that exceed their expectations) and to implementing continual improvements to the business processes (by basing those processes on the customers’ needs). Grodan does so by using a quality-management system based on the principle: say what you are going to do, do what you say, and prove it. Consequently, the certification of Grodan demonstrates that the company endeavours to implement the continual improvements in the quality and business processes required to meet the customers’ expectations and even go beyond.

ISO 14001: the standard for environmental assurance

The ISO 14001 certification demonstrates that production process of Grodan substrates complies with the globally-accepted environmental-assurance standards. This certification is focused on the control of the environmental impact, reduction of the environmental risks and continual improvement of the environmental performance. The environmental management system developed on the basis of ISO 14001 enables companies to keep close track of the raw materials it uses, its emissions, waste, energy consumption and other environmental issues, and to assess whether it has achieved the specified environmental targets and achieved a performance in line with the prevailing legislation and regulations. This certification guarantees the maximum efforts to maintain a decent living environment, both now and in the future.

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