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Sustainability lasts longest

More and more consumers opt for sustainably cultivated vegetables and flowers. Healthy, tasty and attractive-looking products are good for both people and the environment. This demands a mode of cultivation in which water, nutrients, crop protection products, energy and space are used efficiently. Grodan offers a wide range of stone wool substrates for sustainable crops. Grodan products are produced in a sustainable manner and can be recycled in a sustainable manner too. These are products that do not overexploit nature and its resources, but instead help to preserve the planet for future generations. After all, sustainability lasts longest.

Grodan: 3 x more sustainable

  • sustainable manufacture
  • sustainable cultivation
  • sustainable recycling



Grodan is a great advocate of sustainable entrepreneurship.

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Grodan has obtained several certificates, including the European Ecolabel.

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GlobalGAP is a global organisation that promotes sustainable agriculture.

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