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Grodan slab codes


List of codes for Grodan WCM meters

ProductHeightCode WCM model 2004Code WCM-old tot 12-2003
Grotop Master 1-year7,5 cm1141
Grotop Master 1-year10 cm5075
Grotop Master Dry7,5 cm1132
Grotop Expert 1-year7,5 cm2134
Grotop Expert 1-year10 cm5075
Grodan Vital 1-year7,5 cm2100
Grodan Vital dry7,5 cm2100
Grodan Classic Multi-year7,5 cm1238
Grodan Classic Multi-year10 cm5508
Grodan Classic Forte7,5 cm1141
Master 1-year7,5 cm1122
Master 1-year10 cm5075
Master Dry, 1-year7,5 cm1132
Expert 1-year7,5 cm2100
Tempo 1-year7,5 cm2119
Classic 1-year7,5 cm1141
Classic multi year7,5 cm1238
Classic multi year10 cm5508
Propagation blocks6,5 cm3075
Basalan Structuur 1-year7,5 cm1607
Basalan Structuur 2-year7,5 cm1616
Basalan Solide7,5 cm1674
Grodan Vitaflor7,5 cm5437
Flortop Rosa7,5 cm5437
Master Rose7,5 cm5401
Grotop Rose Multi-year7,5 cm5437
FL7,5 cm5437
FL10 cm5410
FMX10 cm5451

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