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Water Content Meter (WCM)

Good water management is a precondition for a successful crop. Controlled and focused irrigation is essential for healthy growth and the strong development of the crop, and also limits consumption of energy, water and fertilizers.

Grodan supplies a range of proven solutions for sophisticated water management: the WCM-Control and the WCM-Continuous. Both of these meters give the grower full insight into the WC and EC levels and temperature in the crop’s root environment, and both are perfectly suited tools for monitoring the crop and adjusting the watering and fertilizer dosage to the plant's needs. An optimum watering strategy guarantees a better quality of fruit and greater crop yields. The WCM-Control is a flexible and handheld meter, while the WCM-Continuous measures 24 hours a day and can be connected to a climate computer.


Monitoring the condition of the root environment and the effectiveness of the irrigation strategy with the flexible handheld meter.

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Maximizing the cultivation with 24 hours per day insight in the water content, nutrient solutions and the temperature of the root environment.

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Download here user manuals, procedures and service forms for the Water Content Meter.

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