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Grotop Master Dry ®

The single-season Grotop Master Dry slab is the perfect solution for growers wanting to steer their crops towards generative growth by means of water management, in order to be able to harvest top-quality products. Thanks to the broad control range, it can tailor the water content to the needs of the season. The margin is then between 50% and 80% (day level). The controllable and dry character of the slab makes it simple to steer the crop towards generative growth during the rooting phase and plant development.


  • Broad control range 
  • Efficient EC replacement with less drainage 
  • Generative crop response

The Grotop Master Dry slab also has a high level of irrigation efficiency. After the application of a new nutrient solution, almost ninety per cent of the nutrient solution present is displaced. The drainage water consists almost entirely of “old” feedwater. In this way, minimum watering results in maximum EC replacement.

The dual-layer structure of the Grotop Master Dry slab, consisting of a solid top layer and porous lower layer, guarantees well-balanced WC and EC distribution. The coarser fibres mean that the slab drains quickly. The decreasing water content ensures a generative crop response. Strongly vegetative plants and plants with weaker roots in particular benefit from this.

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