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Grotop Master ®

Growers who use professional water management to steer plants to vegetative or generative growth need look no further than the single-season Grotop Master slab. The growers gets maximum yield from the crop all year round by adjusting the water content to the requirements of the season.

  • Maximum control range to steer vegetative or generative growth
  • Efficient EC replacement
  • Full root development

The optimum resaturation capacity and distribution of water throughout the full depth of the slab mean that refreshing the feed solution is easy, with little drainage. Even under low-light conditions, the EC can be brought to the desired level with a minimum of watering. This results in efficient use of water and fertilizer while restricting EC fluctuations in the slab.

The dual-layer structure of the Grotop Master, with a solid top layer and porous lower layer provide homogenous distribution of WC and EC, so roots are distributed evenly throughout the slab. Thanks to its high absorption capacity, this means a healthy crop with robust growth.

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