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Grotop Expert ®

A single-season Grotop Expert slab is the answer for the grower looking to combine rapid rooting and initial growth with vegetative crop development. The special fibrous structure promotes root penetration throughout the entire slab, resulting in a more uniform root distribution. In addition, roots are always of excellent quality and colour, laying the foundation for a thriving plant well-equipped to resist plant diseases.

  • Rapid rooting and initial development
  • Increased WC and EC control range
  • Vegetative growing power

The extra WC and EC control range that the Grotop Expert offers makes it easy for the grower to steer the crop in the desired direction. Water content can be adjusted quickly in any growing phase. Even after a significant drop in water content, resaturation rates of up to 70% can still be achieved. That gives a grower security.

The extremely rapid rooting in Grotop Expert assures a vegetative growth. Because the slab contains more roots, which are also distributed throughout the slab more evenly, the plants can absorb water and nutrients better, resulting in extra growth power from start to finish of the cultivation period, high flowering height and impressive stem thickness.

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