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Grodan Vital ®

A single-season Grodan Vital slab is the answer for the grower looking for a reliable substrate that facilitates a simple watering policy. The Grodan Vital enables the grower to vary water content within a bandwidth of 55-78% (day level). If the quantity of watering ever proves to be insufficient, Grodan Vital can be resaturated fast. The Grodan Vital slab also prevents over- watering: WC is kept from rising too quickly, eliminating the need for a balanced watering strategy.

  • Simple watering
  • Safe water buffer
  • Fast root development

The excellent capillary action of Grodan Vital means that the slab stays watered throughout its full depth under any conditions. The plants therefore always have adequate water available. Thanks to the ample water buffer and the excellent resaturation, the risk of slabs drying out is kept to a minimum.

The open fibrous structure of Grodan Vital guarantees fast rooting and rapid, even initial growth at the start of the cultivation period. It also means large numbers of good quality, good colour roots in the substrate. An optimum rooting process is the foundation for a strong plant with robust growth.

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