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Plantop Delta ®

If you are a plant producer who places the highest priority on uniformity, the Plantop Delta is the growth block for you. Thanks to its finely tuned homogeneity, the WC and EC distribution are at the perfect level throughout the depth of the block. The balanced water and air regulation contribute to a uniform growth of the crop, so the grower can count on a uniform batch of plants.

  • Greater uniformity
  • Better root development
  • Greater resaturation capacity

The strong root development makes for perfect root distribution through the block and results in quantities of root tips at the bottom of the blocks that other blocks simply cannot match, guaranteeing fast rooting after planting. The high resaturation capacity makes it easy to adjust the water content to the growing conditions, enabling the grower to steer the plants towards either generative or vegetative growth, and offering extra control options during the management phase of crops like tomato. The combination of these properties adds up to produce a good-sized plant with very active roots – exactly what any grower starting a new crop is looking for.

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