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Grodan launches revolutionary Grodan Pro, the ultimate seeding plug for propagators

Grodan is introducing the Grodan Pro plug, the first success story of the new and revolutionary Vision technology. A new seeding plug with impressive results: the loss percentage is reduced by up to 20%. Moreover, propagators who use the new plug use water far more efficiently, as all the water can be fully recirculated.
The new plug is characterised by its brown colour as new raw materials have been used in the production process, which have considerably improved the reliability of the Grodan Pro. 

The Grodan Pro excels in:

  1. Higher germination percentage
  2. Greater plant uniformity 
  3.  Better plant quality 
  4.  Improved ease of handling 
  5.  Sustainable water and nutrient consumption

Pro 1: Higher germination percentage
The stable structure and more uniform dimensions of the plug optimise the sowing process.

Pro 2: Greater plant uniformity
Thanks to their identical height, the uniformity between plants has significantly improved.

Pro 3: Better plant quality
Vision technology facilitates undisturbed growth and better plant control.

Pro 4: Fewer losses during automated processes
The application of the Vision technology increases the stability of the plug and makes automatic processing easier if a selection machine is used.

Pro 5: Paves the way to more sustainable cultivation
Grodan Pro not only optimises your cultivation results, it also contributes to enhancing the sustainability of the propagation process.

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