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Growcube ®


The moreyear Growcube Gerbera is the ideal solution for the Gerbera grower looking for quick root development and vegetative vigour. This product offers the significant advantage of a dual-layer structure: a lower layer consisting of loose, cube-shaped stone wool blocks below a solid, disc-shaped stone wool top layer. This high-tech structure anchors the plant solidly from day one, making harvesting a lot easier. 

The multi-season Growcube Anthurium is perfect for container-based anthurium growing, in which easy watering is a must. Growcube consists of loose, porous stone wool blocks that absorb and retain water very well. Air content is kept high by the large air spaces between the blocks, so the roots always have sufficient Oxygen, even at high watering levels. This ideal air to water ratio creates the foundation for easy-to-manage cultivation. The porous character of Growcube also means that the culture medium drains fast, which also makes watering easier.

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