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Flortop Rosa ®

Growers looking for a slab offering perfect rooting that guarantees optimal growing results need look no further than the multi-season Flortop Rosa. Thanks to its unique hydrophilic fibrous structure, the plant roots use the entire substrate volume, so you get not only a fully rooted substrate but also outstanding root colour and quality.

  • Greater controllability of water content and EC
  • Perfect rooting
  • Uniform WC and EC distribution

The large control range offered by Flortop Rosa means that the grower can easily vary WC and EC within a wide range, as dictated by the crop and the season. Balanced distribution of both throughout the slab depth means that the top layer always gets enough water (even at relatively low moisture content levels) without keeping the lower layer too wet, so the roots can absorb sufficient water and nutrients throughout the slab. The high resaturation capacity means that if the WC ever falls, getting it back up to where it should be is easy. All this adds up to a solid foundation for a vital plant with a good resistance to plant diseases.

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Flortop Rosa

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