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Products for floriculture

The horticultural sector is changing fast. Increasing competition and new legislation and regulations ensure that growers are required to update their operating processes on an ongoing basis. In addition, both distributors and consumers are raising the standards they set regarding the quality of end products. All these things add up to make pressure in the sector high.

Grodan responds to this pressure by developing a steady stream of new, innovative growth solutions and production technologies. One of the most recent developments is the patented Next Generation technology. Thanks to their revolutionary hydrophilic fibres, substrate slabs, blocks and plugs produced using this technology offer users considerable advantages – from better rooting, uniformity and resaturation to a greater control range and more even WC and EC distribution.
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Grodan has developed a Next Generation product specifically with the watering control needs of rose growers in mind. This product enable these growers to achieve robust, uniform product with strong, healthy root growth under low-light and intense-light conditions. They can therefore be assured of maximal yield, in terms of both quantity and quality, in every season.

Perfect root development for optimal crop results.

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A sturdy basis for a vital crop

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Grodan Growcube

Significant advantages for growing Gerbera and Anthurium.

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