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Grodan passionate about Precision Growing

All Grodan substrate solutions are aimed at doing more with less, with respect for people and the planet. Or, as Grodan calls it: 'Precision Growing'. This cultivation method supports growers and propagators in achieving sustainable cultivation.

The consumers of today and tomorrow are increasingly opting for quality produce that is healthy, tasty and safe, but also cultivated sustainably. For growers and propagators wanting to respond to this development and reduce their own costs at the same time, Precision Growing offers the solution. It is the most efficient and effective form of growing focussed on the use of minimum input materials to generate maximum output. Growing costs decrease, crop yield and quality increase. In addition, this form of growing actively contributes to sustainable horticulture.


Minimum input, maximum output

Grodan’s substrate solutions are ideal for Precision Growing. By applying Precision Growing techniques, water, nutrients, energy and space are used efficiently. The stone wool substrates are ideal for “closed cultivation systems”, wherein water is re-circulated and reused. Water consumption is considerably less in stone wool-based cultivation than in cultivation on other growing media. The substrate does not need to be rinsed at the beginning of the growing season and all water and nutrients remain available for use by the crop because stone wool does not absorb this. This optimises the controllability of the crop.

Grodan substrates are free of diseases, weed seeds and residues of disinfectants. This guarantees a clean start of the growing season and promotes the growth of healthy, tasteful crops, requiring fewer crop protection products. Next to this, cultivation on stone wool substrates results in low energy consumption and CO2 emissions per kilogram of the product and a higher yield per square meter. Grodan offers a wide range of stone wool substrates for such sustainable growing, substrates which are produced and recycled in a sustainable manner.

Read more about how Grodan is committed to sustainable horticulture during production, cultivation and at the end of the growing season. 


Root Zone Management

Three factors have a profound influence on the quality and yield of produce: seed variety, the greenhouse climate and the root zone. These have to be properly correlated in order to achieve optimal results. For this reason, Grodan considers collaboration with the chain to be so vital.

Within Precision Growing, Grodan focuses on the root zone management, or in other words, steering of the root environment. Everything that happens in the stone wool slab has an impact on the functioning of the root environment and thus the development of the plant. So, Grodan continually investigates how its products, tools and services can respond to this perfectly, so that the plant is given the very best care, without wasting resources.

Precision Growing with Grodan Tools & Services

Grodan shares its years of built up expertise and experience with growers in the form of Tools & Services which focus on Precision Growing. This provides growers and propagators with the necessary tools for optimal Root Zone Management. As well as tailor-made advice from specialist crop consultants, Grodan also offers support via other channels, for e.g. seminars, training courses, (digital) newsletters, articles in trade journals and WCM-user advice. In combination with top quality substrates made by Grodan, which in addition, are produced and recycled in a sustainable manner, Precision Growing results in products consumers ask for.

HortiFair 2012 Precision Growing seminar (Grodan & Priva)
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Precision Growing presentation by Grodan during Hortifair seminar
Click here for the Precision Growing presentation given by Priva 2011

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