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Grodan introduces Grotop Master Dry

Grodan has introduced a new stone wool slab onto the market: the Grotop Master Dry. Thanks to the patented Next Generation Technology and coarser fibrous structure, this advanced dual-layer slab, with its firmer upper layer and porous lower layer, offers considerable advantages over its predecessor, the successful Grodan Master Dry.

The main advantages are a broad control range, efficient EC replacement and generative crop response. The improved controllability of the WC and the EC together with the drier character of the slab make it easier to steer your crop towards generative growth during rooting and plant development. Thanks to the high level of irrigation efficiency, the grower can achieve maximum EC replacement with minimal watering. The good drainage and the low water content guarantee a generative crop response. The Grotop Master Dry slab is therefore ideal for the professional grower who wants to be able to steer the growth of their plants towards generative growth by means of water management in order to harvest top-quality products.

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