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The success of Grodan as the inventor of stone wool substrate and the supplier of innovative, customer-oriented cultivation solutions for the horticultural sector is largely due to the company’s focus at the needs of propagators and growers. The combination of the company’s innovative capacity and customer-oriented attitude ensures that the products and services Grodan develops are always up-to-date and guarantee the best possible cultivation performance. By offering customers the added-value they need for efficient operations in a fiercely competitive market, Grodan positions itself as their natural, professional partner: reliable, inspirational, and innovative.

In the years since the invention of stone wool substrate, Grodan has introduced a long series of innovations on the market. A number of examples are:

  • the vertical fibre structure, for the more rapid drainage of slabs and blocks;
  • the Master slab, with two layers of stone wool of differing thickness, for the improved distribution of water and nutrients;
  • the Vitagreen block, with mineral clay particles, for an additional buffering effect; 
  • the Gronow ‘digital coach’, with modules for climate/water management and crop registration for higher yields;
  • the water-content meters for monitoring and controlling the WC, EC and temperature of the substrate; 
  • the 6-phase model, with a blueprint for an optimal crop result;
  • recycling, for the responsible processing of spent stone wool in the manufacture of new substrate products or, for example, bricks for the construction industry;
  • the Next Generation technology, for the production of stone wool substrate that guarantees improved rooting, uniformity, resaturation and WC/EC distribution.

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