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Dealer Support

A well-functioning dealer network is of vital importance to the distributor, the client and Grodan. A dealer programme will be specially created to make it easier for distributors to do business with Grodan. This programme will consist of a package of services designed to take work off the distributor’s hands. Clarity and transparency are the core elements of this package. The bottom line is, of course, the clearer the division of roles, the easier it is to create a fruitful cooperation.

Clear contact points
For each distributor, Grodan creates an account plan to ensure that the individual distributor can streamline the order, delivery, logistics and sales processes and can better serve its clients. To help, every distributor has a single contact point within the Customer Service department, who is there to take all problems, questions and comments regarding the ordering process. Their specific sales contact at Grodan has more of a strategic role, and is responsible for the product selection, pricing and payment conditions and the actions, promotional support and campaign-related activities to improve performance.

Promotional support
To enable the distributor to position its organisation strongly and to optimally profile Grodan, an extensive dealer toolkit is currently being developed. This toolkit will contain a broad range of activities, ranging from technical and commercial trainings, grower seminars, marketing material for exhibitions, templates for advertisements and presentations, electronic tools based on the distributor's house style, help in setting up marketing plans and more. All these tools have the same objective: promoting communication between the distributor and the client.

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