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Company values

For forty years Grodan has been the global market leader in the supply of a wide range of integrated substrate solutions to professional growers endeavouring to achieve the optimum cultivation of high-quality vegetables and plants.

What does Grodan represent?
Grodan represents reliable and sustainable substrate solutions for the high tech cultivation of vegetables and plants.

What are the objectives of Grodan?
Grodan wishes to make a contribution to increased yields of crops and improved quality of the produce. Grodan assigns high priority to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Grodan endeavours to contribute to a more sustainable world in which people and the environment are treated with respect and in which the environmental impact on vulnerable compartments such as the soil, atmosphere and water is reduced to the maximum possible extent.

How does Grodan achieve its objectives?
Grodan provides its customers innovative, certified and environmentally-friendly products, advice and services to enable them to increase the quality and quantity of their crops – and the profitability and efficiency of their companies.

Company values






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